Betongjocke to join our LCS Team

Date: 27.01.2016

After a rough start, we decided that we needed some changes to reconduct the situation. After many considerations, we opted to start with Swedish young talent Joachim 'BetongJocke' Rasmussen as our Jungler for Week 3.

Joachim said a few words about his new adventure:

"I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to play with the players from Giants and to be a part of a LCS team. This means a lot to me since this was my dream for many years, and now it became true. I hope to learn a lot from my teammates and keep improving - that's what I'm striving for, to be better and better until I become the best."

Our coaching staff stated their feeling towards our new player as well.

David 'LozaRk' Alonso

"After the off-season trials, BetongJocke was one of our best options to fill the jungle role. We believe that Joachim's personality suits the team perfectly. After a few days training with us, I am positive that his experience and his force of will will enhance our performance."

Pablo 'Netherbane' Calvo

"Joachim is a really talented player that strives for perfection. That's a philosophy that attunes to ours and therefore we are really happy to have them on board. Right from the beginning, he is comited to the team, working hard in training and delivering accurate feedback to the coaching staff. We expect a lot from such a gifted player like him."

This means that Tritin "K0u" Lam will leave our team shortly. At the beginnig we all had big expectations on him but sadly, after a few weeks, he didn't fit with the rest of the team inside and outside the game. We would like to thank Tritin for his work and effort during these weeks and wish him the best of luck 

You can watch our team competing at the EU LCS tomorrow at 18:00 against Splyce.


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