Meet our 2016 EU LCS Roster

Date: 07.01.2016

After a rough yet successful 2015 LCS Season we came to the conclusion that in order to evolve as team we needed to do major changes in our team philosophy and, consequently, lineup and coaching staff. Everytime there's a change any team needs to adapt to it, and if a team makes a lot of them, it's pretty obvious they will require even more time to adapt.

The first scenario they'll face is a new training environment. This season, our team won't have a common gaming house but a fully equipped training facilities in Berlin where they'll work every day with the coaching staff. This is a major step forward for a team used to work in the same place they live. We strongly believe that this will improve their skills and mindset. 

The second scenario is that they will not live under the same roof. Some of them will live individually and others will share a house. That will give them enough space and privacy to disconnect and manage the pressure they will feel during the competition.

The third one is a new and reinforced coaching staff. Last split we actually added a team manager and a remote analyst but, despite they did a great job, we felt that we needed some fresh air in this area and find people that can share more time with the team and help them in their training facilities. That's why our new coaching staff is composed by:

And last but not least, there are two new additions to our lineup. Probably most of you will know them thanks to Pepiileaks, but until we didn't have an official confirmation from Riot that they were elegible for LCS, we decided to not reveal their names. Now we welcome our two new members for 2016: Peter "GIA Atom" Thomsen and Tihn Tri "GIA k0u" Lam

Our Head Coach Alonso stated the following about our new additions and his expectations for the 2016 season:

I´m really excited to have Atom and K0u in the team for the next split. Both are very promising players, and fully developing their skills is an amazing challenge for our coaching staff. I take this as a personal challenge too.

Atom doesn't have any previous experience with other teams and we know that's a risky move, but after this time working with him, we now know he is the player we need in our team. He has the right motivation and dedication to become one of the bests toplaners in Europe. We all enjoyed working with him and I know that his attitude and hard work will pay off.

K0u is an incredible talented player and we want to show the world how good he is. When he was on trial with us, he really showed an awesome attitude and masterful skills, as well a really nice personality and leadership skills. He is always taking note of his own mistakes and trying to fix them at the same time he tries to help their teammates providing them with healthy feedback. 

We at Giants all know that it will be a rough start because this is a completely new team, a new way of playing and a new philosophy, and it will take some time until things work out as we want, but I'm quite confident about the potential of this group and I feel this can be the best Giants up to date. If someone expect us to not triumph, we will show them how wrong they are.

Last but not least I'd like to take the chance to sicerely thank all the people who cheer for us as well as our sponsors Ozone and Versus Gamers as well as Giants for their amazing support.

So our roster for the 2016 LCS Spring Split is as follows:

  • Peter "GIA Atom" Thomsen (Atomic Toplaner)
  • Tihn Tri "GIA K0u" Lam (King of the Jungle)
  • Isaac "GIA xPePii" Flores (Crazy Midlaner)
  • Adrián "GIA Adryh" Pérez (Specialist Marksman)
  • Oskar "GIA G0DFRED" Lundström (Handsome Support)

Also we will count with two reserve players, ready to help in case of need. According to the polyvalence of current players, we decided to promote our Underdoges' botlane as official LCS reserves pending on Riot's approval.

Our debut will be on 14.1.2016 against H2K Gaming so don't miss the chance to get your tickets now on!

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