Smittyj, Wisdom & S0NSTAR replace Atom, Betongjocke & Adryh

Date: 29.02.2016

During pre-season we decided to include in our lineup players full of youth and potential, even though we knew the risks that move could entail. Unfortunately, those risks became facts and we are now compelled to make several modifications in our lineup which means a restart in our project, in order to maximize our probabilities of keeping our place in the Championship Series as well as to obtain better results in the future.

After several weeks of analysis our coaching staff has come to the conclusión that the top, jungle and marksman positions needed a reinforcement that could be found in players with different profile to those we already had. Therefore, Peter “Atom” Thomsen, Joachim “Betongjocke” Rasmussen and Adrián “Adryh” Pérez leave the team and become free agents. 

It isn’t easy to leave Adryh behind because he is part of the legend of our club, a player who always kept the team together with an exemplary professional attitude on his duties. Also we are sad to say Atom and Betongjocke goodbye as they didn’t have enough time to show what they are capable of. For better or worse, the competition waits for nobody, and as professionals we always try to improve our results. We wish them the best of luck in their new adventures and we're grateful for their hard work and effort during this time.

To achieve our goals, we would like to welcome three new players who have arrived at Giants with their minds focused on getting things back on the track and giving back to our fans the loyalty they have proven: In the toplane, coming from Team Dignitas, the German player Lennart “Smittyj” Warkus joins the team. Lennart, being just 19 years old, already has an extensive experience at Challenger Series as he was one of the key players that took part on G2 Esports’s qualification for the Championship Series this season, taking SK Gaming’s place. Afterwards, Dignitas’s project made him cross the ocean to take part in the American namesake of our league. His now former coaching staff decided to set him aside due to disciplinary issues. After carefully studying his case and his player history we didn’t find any signs of problems on his behavior and we think that the time he was apart from the game was just an isolated case. We would like to thank Team Dignitas for handling our request so swiftly and helping to solve the transfer with ease. 

Regarding the jungle and the marksman position, two veteran players from the LCK arrive to Giants from South Korea: Tae-Wan “Wisdom” Kim  and Seung Ik “S0NSTAR” Son. They were both teammates at Incredible Miracle, where they created a bond of friendship which they kept alive through the years. Our new marksman started competing in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he would become a prominent player as starter ADC for the team which emerged from the fusion of the teams Incredible Miracle, a team which kept together till last November. It was there where he met Wisdom. The jungler was part of Incredible Miracle’s roster until February 2015, when he was recruited by KOO Tigers as a player in their rotation. He moved away from KOO Tigers on December of that same year, when he decided to leave the team looking for new challenges, the same time his partner in the jungle Hojin, left the team to retirement. The three of them arrive at Giants knowing the risks of the situation, prepared and compromised to help to lead the way back to glory and to earn the love and respect of our fans.

Our new players are flying today to Berlin to join the rest of the crew in our Gaming House and is expected to start training tomorrow morning.

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